Bussiness models

At ZEOS we are promoting circular economy business models.

This includes:

  • participation in the implementation of startup programs – co-organization and workshop management, selection commitee acting,
  • raising awareness of the importance of circular business models - through various own and other channels and activities.
Donacija aparatov

Example of good practice: DONATION OF APPLIANCES

As part of the Life project Turn to e-circular we organize and coordinate  campaign of donating unsold electrical and electronic devices to socially disadvantaged groups. This takes place in a closed online store, which can only be accessed with a password. 

Donors: Manufacturers and dealers donate electrical and electronic devices that would otherwise be written off and then destroyed. / Recipients of donations: Organizations that care for socially vulnerable groups.

Login to the online store 

 Would you also like to participate? Write to us at and we will try to find a common solution. Thank you!

Useful information on business models


Why circular business models

Activities in the field of business models in the field of circular economy enable the acceleration of innovations in companies that want to realize entrepreneurial opportunities in the field of environmental protection.



The share of persons working in the sectors of waste collection and disposal, wholesale / retail of waste, waste of second-hand goods, repair of machinery, equipment, shops and repair of motor vehicles in Slovenia is about 2%.


Some circular economy ideas (established projects)

* Philips sale of illumination (service instead of product)
* RedIT mobile phones, computers
* Recosi – recovery of office computers and other IT equipment
* ReLight – upcycling of waste computer screens
* BBT – sales of 2nd hand business IT equipment


Advantages of circular business ideas

They are the future of business models (linear models are not sustainable in the long run)