ZEOS is the contractor of the joint scheme for the management of e-waste, waste batteries, industrial waste batteries and waste grave candles, which means that on behalf of manufacturers, suppliers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators and grave candles we fulfill all obligations derive from the legal provisions for the management of this waste. Taking into account the Decree on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, we also concluded contracts with manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment from abroad to meet their obligations as producers.

We always have our mission in mind, which, in addition to managing joint schemes and optimizing waste management processes and long-term and effective compliance with legal obligations, also obliges us to protect and preserve the environment. Therefore, we establish and manage such waste management processes that ensure the achievement of both legislative obligations and environmental standards in a long-term and cost-effective manner.

Every day presents us with new challenges, every challenge brings new tasks, every task brings a new goal. We approach them with consideration, as we are aware of our responsibility to maintain a clean and healthy environment, which is symbolically represented in the report by the color green. That is why we are always looking for the best, greenest solutions. Once we find them, we carefully chart our path to the goal and follow it step by step until we reach it.