Ordering waste collection

ZEOS joint scheme collection points

We have established a consumer-friendly network for the collection of e-waste and waste batteries and thus set up a wide network of collection points throughout Slovenia. In this way, we want to make it easier for the consumer to hand over the old appliance when they no longer need it:

  • At public service providers (waste collection centres);
  • At retailers and distributers;
  • At eco islands;
  • At educational institutions;
  • At contractual collectors;
  • Direct removlas from legal entities

Ordering waste collection

Do you have to dispose of waste electrical and electronic equipment or waste portable batteries and accumulators? Please fill in the form for each type of waste separately. For additional information, we are available at narocila@zeos.si.

The online form is intended for all waste holders who do not have access to the ZEOS online ordering portal (Public waste management providers must order via the ordering portal and not through this form).

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Packaging *

NOTE: the minimum quantity for the removal of WEEE is 500 kg, batteries 50 kg or as agreed

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Portal for ordering of waste removal for public service providers