About us

Projekti in akcije

Establishment of the company

ZEOS was established on the basis of the requirements of Directive 2002/96 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on waste electrical and electronic equipment of 27 January 2003 and the decision of manufacturers / acquirers / importers of electricity equipment in Slovenia to fulfill their environmental obligations you extended producer responsibilities in the form of a common scheme.

Achieving goals

Throughout the entire period of its operation, the company has primarily focused on long-term stability and cost-effective achievement of goals. At the same time, with our perseverance, professionalism and a clear vision of the future, we have managed to overcome difficulties along the way. Not only did we succeed in establishing an efficient and comprehensive process of extended responsibility in the field of waste electrical and electronic equipment, we continued our successful path in 2009 in the field of waste batteries and accumulators, in 2013 we supplemented the company's activities with waste candles. and in the same year established our subsidiary ZEOS eko-sistem in Sarajevo. In 2021, we added to our operations the management of industrial waste batteries and accumulators. Taking into account the Decree on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, we also concluded contracts with manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment from abroad to meet their obligations as producers.

Non-profit organization

ZEOS is a non-profit organization that ensures cost-effective compliance with legal obligations on behalf of the participants to the joint scheme for the management of e-waste, waste batteries and waste grave candles.

In addition to the effective management of e-waste, waste batteries and waste grave candles and ensuring their stability, we also pay a lot of attention to educating and raising awareness of the population of Slovenia about the proper management of such waste. To this end, we have embarked on the implementation of Life projects, a European financial tool dedicated to environmental protection. Environmental protection is an area in which ZEOS is playing an increasingly visible and important role.

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