Certifikat logotip


As part of the Life project, where we promote circular economy especial among electrical end electrionic equipment, we award the certificate Turn to e-circular to all stakeholders with whom we have or will carry out certain activities. This proves that they carry out circular economy activities when using electrical and electronic devices. By their example, they communicate the importance of treating them responsibly. Thus, they contribute to reducing negative impacts on the environment and preserving natural resources. With the obtained certificate, they will strengthen their reputation among existing customers and partners and in the wider business community.

The certificate is awarded as part of the Life Turn to e-circular project LIFE18 GIE/SI/000008 and is valid for the duration of the project.

The certificate is awarded to the selected participating organization individually or at a joint event, depending on the type of project activity in which the organization participates. The award can therefore be carried out at an internal meeting or at a public event. The organization obtains a certificate after carrying out all three activities described above under point 3..



- contractors of the public waste management service,

- reuse centers,

- merchants,

- repairmen,

- non-governmental organizations (NGOs),

- start up companies

- professional associations

- our clients

- educational institutions



The process of obtaining the certificate is not complicated, as we want to promote the practical use of circular economy services among various stakeholders. Therefore, we will award the certificate to everyone who will carry out the following three activities as part of our project:

- Informing about the circular economy and the activities of our project within the organization itself - sending notifications through internal channels to all employees, conducting training for employees, etc.

- Informing about the circular economy and the activities of our project to other organizations - our partners, external colleagues, etc.

- Participation in at least one project activity of ZEOS: active participation in project events, use of appliance repair, use of loan or rental of appliances, donation of still working appliances to our project, establishment of own corner for still working appliances/sharing/exchange, delivery of non-working appliances to as part of the fundraising campaign, the organization of an "open day", participation in the selection and promotion of business models in the field of the circular economy, etc.