Project partners

We are aware that implementing projects can be a big deal, both organizationally and financially. That is why co-financing projects to raise awareness about the correct handling of waste is extremely important for the operation of our company. Not only from the point of view of comprehensive, more extensive campaigns that cover the entire territory of the country, but also from the point of view of the costs incurred in the implementation of these activities. Namely, we could not carry out such large-scale outreach projects without the help of co-financiers. The projects we have implemented so far have been financed by the European Commission, and partly also by our Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy.

When implementing projects, it is also good to have project partners who help you carry out those project activities that you are not strong enough to carry out yourself. We have partnered for once with Zbornica komunalnega gospodarstva and the company TSD d.o.o..