At ZEOS we are involved in establishing product reuse, especially still working equipment.

This includes:

  • collecting and takeover of still operational devices from individuals and organizations,
  • prepare for reuse – with help of special instructions,
  • handover of appliances, prepared for reuse – through various channels (local reuse centres, prepare for reuse operators, new sales channels),
  • promotion of other collection and takeover locations for still oepreational devices,
  • raising awareness of the importance of reusing appliances (and other products) - through various other own and other channels and activities.

Example of good practice: REUSE CORNERS

As part of the project Life Turn to e-circular we set up 64 corners for reuse. In corners we collect working appliances that are suitable for reuse. With the help of our partners, we ensure that all collected devices are inspected during the reuse process, and then we guarantee them new owners.

More about corners / Corner locations / Video about corners 

Ladijski kontejner

Example of good practice: Refurbished shipping containers

At CPU Slovenske Konjice you can find renovated shipping containers, which are manufactured according to the principle of reuse, are on display. They were made as part of the INTERREG project entitled WEEEWaste - Improvement of waste electrical and electronic equipment management policies, which is co-financed by the European Union and lasts until May 2027. The project is led by CPU d.o.o., SO.P. together with a partner, the Environmental Research Institute. The shipping containers are equipped with e-products from our reuse corners, and electricity is provided on the roof by photovoltaic solar panels from HTZ Velenje, I. P., d. o. o.. We have provided both of these for equipping the containers at ZEOS.

Useful information on reuse


Product reuse

One of the best ways to reduce waste is product reuse. What we no longer need, (especially if it still works), is not necessarily waste. It may be an oppurtunity for someone elese to use the product as it is or with some repairs. 



Each individual has at least 5 kg of still usable products per year, which have so far ended up among the waste dumped in overcrowded landfills, including appliances.

We estimate that even among the collected e-waste, which is intended for recycling, there are still 1-2% of working devices that end up in the material recycling unnecessarily.


Appliances, suitable for reuse

Washing machine, refrigerator, freezer, desktop and laptop computer, consumer electronics, small household appliances, toys, mobile phones, speakers, flat screen TV with remote control, LCD monitors, circular saws, drills, music towers, vacuum cleaners and other suitable appliances on electricity or batteries.


The beginnings of legal requirements for the reuse of working e-equipment in the EU

In 2015, Spain was the first country in Europe to legislate reuse targets for waste electrical and electronic equipment at 1.5% of the mass of all collected electronic equipment.

In Belgium, in 2020, the Walloon government decreed that 2% of waste electrical and electronic equipment must go through a process of preparation for reuse.


Reuse of appliances in Slovenia

In Slovenia, there is no permanent uniform system of giving away still usable electronic equipment. There is also no system of preparation for reuse of e-equipment, as there are no uniform instructions defining which equipment is still usable for preparation for reuse and how it should be handled. Working e-equipment thus most often ends up among the otherwise properly disposed and separated e-waste, but because it is not properly protected, mechanical damage and damage due to the influence of the weather occur, which makes further procedures and its reuse impossible.

We are solving this situation as part of the Life project Turn to e-circular:

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