At ZEOS, we are aware that we will achieve the legislative goals of collection only with the help of aware users of electrical and electronic equipment. Good circular economy practices are therefore important, they need to be talked about and presented to a wider audience. That is why we regularly inform you all through various channels about the proper handling of e-waste, waste batteries and waste grave candles, as well as about all the innovations in the field of other elements of the circular economy. The goal we set ourselves is to change the habits of repair, reducuce the purchase of new by purchasing used appliances, their sharing and waste separation. Good circular economy practices are necessary to motivate to change consumer behavior, this requires a long-term communication strategy that not only informs the public but also actively involves it. In order to reach as many individuals as possible with our messages, we constantly adapt the forms and content to individual target groups.

We are most successful in this area through the implementation of major projects co-financed by various organizations such as the LIFE programme, etc. As part of projects, we implement numerous events.

Everything about projects and events, the latest information, awareness-raising materials, as well as all the legislation on the basis of which we operate, can be found on this page.