At ZEOS, we are keen on promoting the servicing of appliances.

This includes:

  • promoting local service technicians,
  • raising awareness of the importance of servicing appliances (and other products) - through various own and other channels and activities.

Example of good practice: EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR DEVICE - REPAIR!

As part of the project Life Turn to e-circular we carry out monthly campaigns "Extend the life of your appliance - repair!", which are intended to encourage servicing. We urge all consumers in Slovenia to bring their broken electrical appliance to participating service technicians, who will inspect the appliance or carried out diagnostics and, at the customer's request, also repaired the device. At the same time, they can participate in a raffle for repair vouchers. So far, we have carried out campaigns in the following months: marec 2023, april 2023, maj 2023 in junij 2023.

Kam s ta starim

Example of good practice: WHERE WITH THE OLD ONE?

The promotion of servicing of electrical appliances also takes place in the form of a Facebook group WHERE WITH THE OLD ONE?, where they exchange opinions and share tips and guidelines for servicing.

Useful information on repair


Why appliance servicing

By repairing appliances, even small repairs (such as changing cables, etc.), their service life is extended, thus affecting all steps of appliance production  (from material extraction to distribution) and thus reducing pressure on the environment.


European Union with guidelines for easier repairs

There are measures in place that will make it easier to repair products in the future so that they don't have to be thrown away prematurely. Among other things, it also includes greater availability of spare parts years after the devices are sold, and at the end of the device's useful life it will also be possible to simply recycle.


Concrete activities to encourage servicing in the EU

Austria: households have the so-called a €200 voucher that they can use every year when repairing their appliance
Germany: The Ministry of the Environment Thurginia (German federal states) covers 50% of the repair bill, maximum €100. The good example from Thuringia was followed by a pilot project in the city of Leipzig and the federal state of Saxony.
France: In December 2022, a government measure was introduced that lowers the value of the consumer's out-of-warranty repair bill. In this way, the consumer's repair costs are significantly lower (around 20%)
Sweden: they took the approach of reducing VAT on service services


Events to encourage servicing in Slovenia

In Slovenia, ZEOS also holds events to encourage servicing: daily campaigns with free diagnostics and monthly campaigns at various service providers of electrical and electronic equipment in Slovenia. 


Pobuda za pridobitev nacionalne poklicne kvalifikacije "serviser" v Sloveniji

At ZEOS, we launched an initiative to obtain the national professional qualification "electrical appliance repairer".
With it, we want to enable individuals with the knowledge and skills to obtain an official qualified profession of repairer of electrical appliances, which until now does not even exist in our country. We keep you informed about the progress in our news.



* Most often repaired: computers, telephones and acceessories, consumer elektronics, white goods and small apliancess
*  3 - 5 years - the age of most appliances, being repaired by their owners
* Most customers decide on repair, if the average cost of the intervention amounts to 30 % of the cost of new appliance.


4 types of obsolescence

If the appliance does not break down beforehand, we usually decide to buy something new due to the obsolescence of the product.

We distinguish four types of obscolescence:
* material obsolescence (rapid wear of usually poor materials)
* functional obsolescence (eg. for mobile phones and computer equipment, ie software or hardware incompatibility)
* psychological obsolescence (consumer's desire for a new product despite the integrity of the existing one)
* economic obsolescence (the product is basically too cheap to be economically justified)