At ZEOS, we are keen on promoting the servicing of appliances.

This includes:

  • promoting local service technicians,
  • raising awareness of the importance of servicing appliances (and other products) - through various own and other channels and activities.

Useful information on repair


Why appliance servicing

By repairing appliances, even small repairs (such as changing cables, etc.), their service life is extended, thus affecting all steps of appliance production  (from material extraction to distribution) and thus reducing pressure on the environment


European Union with guidelines for easier repair

Measures are in place to make products easier to repair in the future so that they do not have to be thrown away too early, including increasing the availability of spare parts for years after the sale of appliances, higher accessibilty for recycling



* Most often repaired: computers, telephones and acceessories, consumer elektronics, white goods and small apliancess
*  3 - 5 years - the age of most appliances, being repaired by their owners
* Most customers decide on repair, if the average cost of the intervention amounts to 30 % of the cost of new appliance.

Peščena ura

4 types of obsolescence

If the appliance does not break down beforehand, we usually decide to buy something new due to the obsolescence of the product.

We distinguish four types of obscolescence:
* material obsolescence (rapid wear of usually poor materials)
* functional obsolescence (eg. for mobile phones and computer equipment, ie software or hardware incompatibility)
* psychological obsolescence (consumer's desire for a new product despite the integrity of the existing one)
* economic obsolescence (the product is basically too cheap to be economically justified)