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Life Slovenian WEEE camapign

Naslov projekta: Life Slovenska OEEO kampanja (LIFE10 INF/SI/000139)

Slogan: Decide

Duration of the project: 2011 – 2013

Short description of the project: Long-term awareness raising of the target public regarding the appropriate handling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). Implementation of activities to motivate the public and spread knowledge and information regarding proper handling of WEEE.

Project value: 583,964 €

Project holder: ZEOS, d.o.o.

Project co-financiers: European Commission, Ministry of Environment and Space of the Republic of Slovenia

Project stakeholders: national and local/regional offices, municipalities, state environmental agencies and offices, environmental and non-governmental organizations, public services for the collection of municipal waste in Slovenia, schools and educational programs, manufacturers and acquirers of electrical and electronic equipment

Purpose and objectives:
- raising the awareness of the target public about the correct handling of e-waste and waste batteries and their growth

Target groups:
- students, teachers and management of primary and secondary schools
- households


- E-transformer visited 210 educational institutions and 89 municipalities
- 1,080 tons of collected e-waste and waste batteries
- 1,000 products as part of the competition
- 80 terminals with teaching application
- 65% of households
- WEEE conference

Special feature: Best of the Best (recognition of the EU Commission in the field of environmental education and information)

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Report of the project "Slovenian WEEE campaign"



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We made a multimedia vehicle with solar cells on the roof, the so-called E-transformer, which in its first version showed inside the exhibition the correct handling of e-waste.
We carried out campaigns with schools: the vehicle visited over 200 schools and made them aware of the correct handling of e-waste. In addition, the schools also carried out collection campaigns.
As part of this activity, we also held a competition in which we were looking for ideas to raise awareness in the field of e-waste and received over 1,000 products.
The vehicle has also visited several other traditional events in the country.

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We held the conference of the WEEE forum and it was held in two parts. The first was professional and was attended by members of the WEEE Forum, while the second part was dedicated to the presentation of our project (we presented our vehicle, held art workshops and other awareness-raising activities).

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We announced the campaign together with local contractors of public waste management services and named it "Separate e-waste and protect the environment". With the campaign, we made households aware of e-waste management, and as part of it, we carried out numerous collection campaigns.

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We installed over 80 EKO terminals in schools, which used to be used for validating health cards, and adapted them for educational purposes with a built-in application about the environment. As part of this campaign, an award was also held.

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